February 2015 Edition

  • Featured mix: Amper Clap

    If you haven't heard of Amper Clap, then let us introduce you to this incredibly talented Spanish DJ, Producer, and Electronic music lover since...forever!

    Here he brings us a fantastic mix featuring tracks by Illektrolab, Pulse Project, Lektroid, Auto Pilot, Silicon Scally, and many more! Get this, and dig deep into the sounds of the music we love as Amper Clap guides the way on the wheels of steel!

  • Artist Highlight: The Dexorcist

    Born Simon Brown in Shepperton, Middlesex U.K., the world slept quietly unaware that soon enough a new force would come into being, proving to be formidable and unwavering in its drive to annihilate the unsuspecting masses in need of a rude awakening. The Dexorcist, a name we have all come to love and, some would say fear, would be that force; and for the last 20 years he has been on a non-stop quest to innovate and push the boundaries of sound in a way that really only he can. Read more!
  • Gear Review: ARP Odyssey

    Originally released in 1972, the ARP Odyssey was the company's answer to the incredibly successful "MiniMoog", and was basically a scaled-down version of the infamous ARP 2600. A 2 oscillator Analog synthesizer, featuring what at the time was a very innovative design in terms of functionality, here revisited by King Korg as an (almost-86% of original size)) untouched rebirth of one of the greatest synthesizers of all time! All 3 versions (MK1, II, III) are available, with a few added features like MIDI, and USB connectivity to allow for modern day DAW integration, and have all been re-created with such an attention to the detail-whether its the circuitry, or the look of the machine-taking us back even further than the previous great release of the MS20, to the time when bands like Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk were just beginning to take hold in what was then called Electro-Acoustic Music. Read more!

  • Record Review: Skyborg

    Founder of the net label Borg Recordings, Ian Dady presents his third E.P. to date under his infamous moniker Skyborg. Following the "Still Got Bass" and "I Am Electro" releases in 2012, the Nottingham located artist delivers here another four tracker of his trademark, half way between old and new school Electro genres. Read more!

  • Record Review: Biodread

    With one future classic every two or three years approximatively, XOX Records have made their own saying: "Rarity rhymes with quality!". Finnish premium label returns after a long break with another milestone of a release, "Game Over", from promising talent Biodread. Previously heard in 2013 on AC Records and a year...Read more!

  • Record Review: T/Error

    To be honest, till now I never paid too much attention to T/Error. Maybe because I never got really exposed to his music or I thought the Italian artist was a newcomer and had just to do his first arms before I should listen to him. I was so wrong! Since I came across the brilliant "D7" album, I recon I was mistaken. T/error is a pure versatile...Read more!


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