January 2015 Edition

  • Featured mix: DJ Di'jital

    The mind of the master returns to Technobass.net as DJ Di'jital signs his 3rd feature to date, featuring all them cuts, scratches, and beat juggles just the way you like 'em. Featuring tracks by UR, Unknown DJ, and Aux 88 to name a few, what you will find here is all that bass, boom, and bottom that will leave you craving for more. So c'mon, get in the place, its time to drop some Techno Bass!

  • Label Highlight: SMB Records

    Founded in Leytonstone, UK in 1999, SMB Records was one of the very prolific Electro Bass labels to carry our music from its "Second Wave" heyday in the '90s, into the 2000's where the true evolution of the sound has occurred. While the label is no longer is business, their discography up until 2008 was full of tenacity and innovation, bringing in some of the best UK talent under its wing and presenting in a very abstract and eerie fashion that really conveyed the darker atmospheres in the scene at that time. Read more!
  • Gear Review: PLX 1000

    Just when you thought turntables were a thing of the past, even in the midst of what professionals would find as poor versions or imitations of the one and only Technics 1200 turntable, comes what may be a formidable competitor; even to the king of the platter.

    Stepping up from the crowds is Pioneer, long-time manufacturer of high-quality audio products here attempting their bid at keeping one of the most iconic musical instruments of all time: The mighty 1200! Read more!

  • Record Review: Jerry La Flim

    While Body Control accustomed us to Acid Electro/Techno experiments since its inception early in 2014, the Atlanta based label returns with a 100% Electro Funk release! "The End Of Time Master" presents the debut album of mysterious Jerry La Flim. After listening to the whole opus, its hard to believe this is his first shot ever as much as the artist demonstrates a complete command of his machines. Read more!

  • Record Review: Alien II: Abduction E.P.

    The boyz from tha D return on Dijital Axcess, imprint of Detroit legendary DJ and producer DJ Di'jital, also featuring D.I.E. mastermind Maaco, DJ Lenn Swann from 12 Tech Mob, and DJ Psycho from Detroit Techno Militia. 5 cuts of straight Techno Bass mayhem, crafted around the city's special energy and sense for music, delivering here what will undoubtedly be a classic colored 12" release. Read more!

  • Record Review: Supreme.Ja

    If you enjoyed Supremeja's highly recommended "DM13" opus, rush onto the remixes, you won't be disappointed Collection of seven premium reworks from some of the finest Electro producers worldwide, the "DM13 EP" stays faithful to the old school Electro funk spirit of the album's original track but adds new ideas and sound perspectives to Supremeja's main theme. Read more!

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DSE 207

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download 9 free tracks from - freek macheen

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wassup yall... christmas is coming soon , and the freek macheen has a lil christmas gift for yall.

for all the people that love freek macheens music and for all the haters too!!!

i hope yall enjoy this tracks.

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