July 2014 Edition

  • Featured mix: Nexus 6

    Long time veteran and infamous Electro reviewer from the days of the classy and iconic "Atome.de" webzine, as well as Electro Alliance, Nexus 6 delivers his first Technobass.net feature since joining the team last year as our head reviewer and all around lover and supporter of all things Electro!

    Taking some time away from his desk working as one of the top illustrators in the scene, Nexus 6 blends in songs from hit new releases from Amper Clap, Commuter, Umwelt, and Morphology; with style and lots of energy throughout. Grab this mix folks, this one is for the Electro History books!

  • Label Highlight: Pandisc

    Easily the most successful Miami Bass label, Pandisc in many ways has been at the forefront of Miami Bass and Electro Funk music since its inception; responsible for helping bring to the spotlight many artists like Maggotron, Freestyle, Debbie Deb, Pretty Tony, and Beat Dominator ( Bass Mekanik ) just to name a few. Read more!
  • Gear Review: littleBits

    There is probably nothing more interesting than the small, but long-running and in fact growing "Do-It-Yourself" world of building your own synthesizers. For many decades, Synth companies like "Serge Synthesizer" have been providing kits and parts, offering a wide selection of panels, circuit boards, knobs, and frames, allowing aspiring musicians and sound engineers alike the chance to be a part of the building and customizing process that is otherwise generally kept from view. Read more!

  • Record Review: Commuter

    Hailing from Rennes, Laurent Paranthoën succeeds to the list of French prestigious talents, including dynArec and Franck Kartell, already signed on UK Bass Agenda Recordings. Author since 2007 of a solid discography on labels such as Afu Ltd, Electrofon, and... Read more!

  • Record Review: Project X

    Zero One Music returns, this time with a special collaboration with Matrix Records out of Detroit with "Project X - The Resurrection". As you may know, Matrix Records is where Will Web, founder of Zero One, made his debut back in 1995 as Mr. Bill, so this collaboration is very special indeed given the fact Web had stopped making music for some time, and is now back in full effect! Read more!

  • Record Review: Amper Clap

    Spain counts numerous electro talents among other pioneers like Boris Divider and Ivan Arnau aka Dark Vektor, but also Weapons Of Bass Destruction, or Spectrum Data Forces just to name a few. Amper Clap belongs to the new generation of producers emerging since 2005 on the underground electronic scene. Read more!

  • Record Review: Psychobot

    Here comes a well named E.P.! Full of impressive modulations, this free digital release will kick more than one ass and is all due to Robodrum also known as Electromonter (Devine Disorder Records, Electropunkz). Early influenced by artists such like IBM, Dynamix II, Bass Junkie, the Poland electro wizard returns with a brand new disguise and musical project. Read more!

  • Record Review: The Exaltics

    Having joined the Clone West Coast series in March, Robert Witschakowski (Abstract Acid, Electrix, Cultivated Electronics, Last Known Trajectory, Bunker, Panzerkreuz, Creme Organization) returns to the Rotterdam label with the second installment of a must have trilogy that will see the Solar One Music co-founder inject positive vibes into harder sounds. Read more!

Blog Posts

New Electrodefender 12"Vinyl EP

Posted by electrodefender on July 14, 2014 at 5:45pm 0 Comments

Hello Folks,

Let me present my upcomming release on my own Label


"Electric Nightmare" is the Name of this new eight track 12" Vinyl EP

and i hope you all will enjoy it.

Releasedate is oct.…


[AGD004] Noise&Noise - Poem of Futurism

Posted by AE35 on July 9, 2014 at 12:20am 1 Comment

Noise&Noise - Poem…


DJ Xed new release on Subsonic Device out and available today !!

Posted by Darxid on June 30, 2014 at 7:50am 0 Comments

Top level Croatian ELECTRO BASS for controlling your subs !!!…


The Titans.

Posted by The_Outsider on June 22, 2014 at 6:13am 0 Comments

Not techno, and not bass, but rather another of my slow trips through space.


Formanta Polivoks (subwoofer-abusing low warbling sweep)

Juno-106 through Strymon Timeline (main melody pad)

Virus TI…


New Project X!!!

Posted by Will Web on June 9, 2014 at 1:21pm 0 Comments

Now available on Juno Download for a special 2 week exclusive!!!

The first five people to correctly tell me who the members of Project X are will win the ep, and…


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